Scared Cameron toughens rhetoric against Corbyn

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has toughened his rhetoric against Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn calling him an isolated figure in Europe for “failing to understand the clear danger” of ISIL militants.

“I don’t think frankly he sees what the risk is. This a group of people in Iraq and in Syria not only causing mayhem in those two countries but who are plotting day by day to kill and maim people on the streets of Britain and America and Australia and France and Belgium and the rest of Europe. The rest of Europe has woken up to this threat and is taking increasing action, but I don’t think the Labour leader seems to see that,” he said.

Cameron confirmed that he would seek the support of Labour MPs to extend British airstrikes against ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria.

Labour MPs are expected to be given a free vote in an attempt by the party leadership. The vote is aimed at avoiding a damaging row after Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he is opposed to airstrikes against ISIL in all circumstances.

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