UK kids turn obese at younger ages

British children are becoming obese at younger ages, according to a major study.

The study by University College London (UCL) warned on Wednesday that the average age at which Britons first become obese is decreasing.

“The onset of obesity has been getting earlier and earlier and this does have implications if people are not losing that weigh,” said health expert at UCL, Professor Rebecca Hardy.

The research found that kids born in the 1990s are three times more likely to be obese than their parents or grandparents born sometime between the 1950s and 1980s. The data also suggested childhood obesity may now be stabilizing among the under-10s. Around a fifth of boys and a quarter of girls born after 1990 are obese by the time they are ten years old, the findings revealed.


Public health experts say indifference toward fitness is one of the most important issues facing society.

Ann Trybowska, a fitness manager and personal trainer said she has “seen many stories of people who are inactive which is making them unhappy in their life and work, they look at exercise as a chore and not a way of life. But it should be the other way”.


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