Corbyn accuses Tories of “a rush to war”

The leader of the UK’s opposition Labour party has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of a rush to war after rejecting calls for a debate on Britain’s airstrikes at ISIL militants in Syria.

 “By refusing a full two-day debate, David Cameron is demonstrating he knows the debate is running away from him, and that the case he made last week is falling apart,” a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said.

 He went on adding that Cameron should stop the rush to war to allow for a full discussion of the issues in parliament.

 “Matters of national security are far too important to be bulldozed through the House of Commons for political convenience,” the spokesperson said.

 The Labour party announced it will offer its MPs a free vote on the Tory government’s proposal for UK airstrikes against ISIL terrorists in Syria. Corbyn and most of its members are opposed to the bombing saying the airstrikes in Syria could deteriorate the situation and increase support for ISIL.

However, some Labour lawmakers want to back Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for more bombing.

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