Justice system still failing UK disability hate-crime victims

Victims of disability hate-crime are still being let down by the authorities, despite earlier recommendations to change the system.

A report by HM inspectors of the CPS, the police and probation services has warned that none of these services have followed up from the recommendations outlined in the 2013 investigation into disability hate crimes.

The report states, “Although this follow-up report has identified some examples of good practice relating to awareness raising at a national level, neither the police nor the CPS has succeeded in significantly improving performance at an operational level.”

This subject of disability hate crimes, including bullying, led to the high profile case of Fiona Pilkington who killed herself and her disabled daughter Francecca Hardwick in 2007. The local authorities in Leicestershire failed to investigate the bullying and torment they received for years, torment that ultimately resulted in two deaths.

Many people are frustrated by the lack of proper progress made by the authorities to ensure lessons have been learned and that progress has been made. The high profile case of Fiona Pilkington in 2007 is just one of many cases brought forward as examples of disability hate crimes.

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