British taxpayers pay £250,000 to extradite Shrien Dewani

British taxpayers paid around £250,000 to extradite cleared murder suspect Shrien Dewani to face trial in South Africa, according to reports.

Mr Dewani’s trial began in October, but collapsed before his defence even began, after the judge deemed the prosecution’s evidence as “riddled with contradictions”.

It has now been revealed that the Crown Prosecution Service spent £136,520 on lawyers in the hearings leading up to his extradition.

The Daily Mirror said a freedom of information request also showed £23,464 was spent on psychiatric reports to asses Mr Dewani, who was diagnosed with stress-related mental health problems in the build up to his trial.

Reporters for the Mirror also estimated the cost of paying solicitors who worked on the case would have added another £34,000 to the bill, after the CPS revealed its briefs spent 496 hours on the case, at a cost of around £69 per hour.

The paper estimates that these sums, along with police, transport and medical bills are likely to push the total cost to more than £250,000.

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