Germany angry over UK’s potential exit from EU

Former German Foreign Minister has warned the UK that Angela Merkel will not prioritize its potential exit from the EU and give in to demands on Britain’s relationship with the bloc. 

Joshka Fischer is widely regarded as one of the key players on the European foreign policy and believes that the UK is playing a dangerous game at the moment regarding their future with the EU.

Fischer believes that Merkel has bigger priorities to sort out aside from the UK’s potential exit from the EU. He said, “Don’t lose yourself in wishful thinking. Angela Merkel will do nothing which will endanger the basic principles of the common market, of the EU.

“She has a much bigger problem to address – how to find a compromise in the currency union with Greece. That’s her priority number one now…what will the UK be without the EU? Go to Washington, ask them. The answer is very clear, very negative.”

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