MP Seeks To Curtail Bedroom Tax

A Liberal Democrat MP is seeking the backing of fellow MPs for his private members’ bill that aims to curtail the controversial bedroom tax.

To be debated next Friday in the House of Commons, Andrew George’s Affordable Homes Bill is focused on introducing “significant exemptions” to the under-occupancy policy.

When George, who is MP for St Ives, introduced his bill to parliament last month, he originally proposed four elements to be negotiated with the government and opposition parties – to seek support for measures to advance the case for legislation which would improve the chances of families in inadequate or unaffordable homes.

George, who voted against the original bedroom tax regulations, has said that he could not get support for any of his measures from the Conservatives, while Labour would not support his proposed planning controls on second homes. However, Labour would be prepared to support his proposed bedroom tax exemptions.

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