British filmmakers want Israeli film festival banned

Several film makers including Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Peter Kominsky have urged the Curzon and Odeon Cinema and Bafta to stop screenings for an Israeli film festival that is set to open this week.

Seret 2015 is title of the Israeli Film and Television festival that is due to start in London this Thursday.

In their petition, more than 40 film makers and artists slammed British officials for giving the festival a platform.

“Israel is promoting this festival and supporting it financially. By hosting it, these cinemas are ignoring the 2004 call by Palestinian civil society for sanctions against Israel until it abides by international law and ends its illegal displacement of Palestinians, discrimination against them, and occupation of their land. By benefiting from money from Tel Aviv,  the cinemas become silent accomplices to the violence inflicted on the Palestinian people. Such collaboration and co-operation is unacceptable. It normalizes, even if unintentionally, the Israel’s violent, systematic and illegal oppression of the Palestinians,” the letter wrote.


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