UK nurses to go on strike

Britain’s Conservative government is on a collision course with NHS nurses who are threatening to go on strike if their wages are cut.

The Royal College of Nursing announced on Monday that it will take industrial action if the government goes after its election promise of a “truly seven-day NHS”.

In his first major speech since winning the election on Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron promised to recruit 5,000 more general practitioners and change the way the staff works to create a “seven-day” health service.

The health workers are accusing the Tories of attempting to bring in privatization via the back door and trying to dismantle a service that mean free at the point of delivery since 1948.

“Nurses are saying and we understand the need for providing services but there aren’t enough of us so what are we all going to do? work extra hours or are you going to cut our pay and or conditions even further to employ more nurses from abroad? how are you going to manage this? And the fact that they’ve never been on strike before in over 100 years in existence the Royal College of Nursing and now they’re talking that way shows the stress that they’re under,” health activist, Joss Bell told Press TV.