Police covered up their link to blacklisting of trade unionists

Protesting against the blacklist

Simon Basketter

A newly revealed document exposes that the police covered up its link to blacklisting of trade unionists.

In 2008 a detective chief inspector in the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (Netcu) briefed members of the Consulting Association, the firm that ran the blacklist.

Minutes taken by Ian Kerr who worked for the blacklisters have been given to left wing Labour MP John McDonnell.

Detective chief inspector Gordon Mills met with construction bosses from Vinci, AMEC,Skanska, Costain, Sir Robert McAlpine, Emcor,and Sias Building Services at the Bear Hotel,Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

The notes say Mills told the group the unit was expanding and that the purpose of the meeting was “to liaise with industry”.

Dave Smith, from the Blacklist support group said, “We have been saying for five-and-a half years that the state was involved in blacklisting and we have been told time and time again that is not true and been accused of being paranoid. It is a cover-up.

“We have a name of a senior police officer, not a rogue constable, who was meeting with them. There must be documentation held by the police and correspondence between the police and the association.”

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.