Huge anti-austerity protest expected during Tory conference in Manchester

North West England is bracing for anti-austerity protests coinciding with the weekend’s Conservative party conference in Manchester.

One pressure group has been quoted as saying that some 100,000 activists are expected to attend demonstrations and other events, including a rally that will be addressed by various speakers including Labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn and Green party’s Natalie Bennett.

“Instead being able to have an uninterrupted media to advertise their policies, the Tories will be forced on austerity as majority of people in this country don’t want to have cuts, don’t want trade unions to be attacked, and don’t want David Cameron taking them to war in Syria”, John Rees from Stop the War Coalition told Press TV.

Activists say the main event coinciding with the four-day  Conservative conference is a huge anti-austerity protest called by the People’s Assembly and the TUC, the national trade union representing the vast majority of organized workers. They say they expect more than double the number of people attended the last anti-Tory rally in the city.

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