South Yorkshire Police officers ‘may still be held accountable’

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police, David Crompton, apologised to the victims of child-sex exploitation in Rotherham and said officers could still be held accountable for the failures in bringing abusers to justice.

A report this week accused officers from the force of treating young victims with “contempt” and seeing them as undeserving of police protection. However, the Chief Constable said that only one of the four officers who were interviewed for the inquiry remained with the force.

Mr Crompton said he has written to the author of the report, Professor Alexis Jay, to seek a meeting to address the concerns that she had about the role of the police after she revealed that some 1,400 children had been abused over a 16-year period in the town.

He said: “The report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham laid bare the failings of South Yorkshire Police over a number of years. This made for painful reading, however, I am determined that we will use the findings of the report to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated.”

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