Thousands join UK Labour after Corbyn victory

Britain’s Labour Party says over 15,000 people have joined the opposition party following the victory of anti-establishment politician Jeremy Corbyn in its leadership contest.

The Labour says Corbyn’s landslide victory in the party’s leadership election on September 12 has sparked a rush of new members joining the party.

The opposition’s general secretary Iain McNicol has said more than 15,000 people joined the party just in the past 24 hours. He added that over 100,000 people also joined the party as a registered supporter in the weeks before the election, giving them the right to vote.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Trades Union has hailed the election of Corbyn, but warned that the Labour had to regain the trust of workers.

Corbyn stormed to victory in election on Saturday, beating his rivals to take some 60 percent of the party votes. During the campaign, he often drew a huge number of supporters with his anti-austerity message.


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