UK crime rate rises as cybercrimes, fraud included in statistics

A new report suggests the crime rate in the United Kingdom has risen to more than 11.6 million offences in the one year to June 2015.  

The sharp rise is due to the inclusion, for the first time, of 5.1m online fraud incidents as well as cyber-crimes based on police statistics in England and Wales.

Figures on online fraud and cyber-crime were published before but could not be included in the headline figures. Their addition to the crime survey now lead to a headline figure of 11.6m, compared with the 7m estimate for one year to June 2014.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the publication of a combined estimate followed growing concern that the rise in cyber-crime makes up for the long-term fall in crime from 19m at their peak in 1995 to 6.5m by June this year.

“It has been argued that crime has not actually fallen but changed, moving to newer forms of crime not captured by the survey,” John Flatley from ONS said.

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