‘Senior BMA doctors given secret pay rise in UK’

Confidential documents have revealed staggering secret pay hikes of up to 137% for senior members of the UK’s doctors’ union, the British Medical Association (BMA).

The BMA papers show how the doctors’ union awarded its senior figures pay rises of up to 137% and doubled its leader’s salary to £172,000 at a time, causing anger among other members.

The astounding figures given to seven key BMA representatives have been condemned and described as “extraordinary, over the top and unjustified” by other doctors and British politicians.

The BMA’s council chairman and main spokesman, Mark Porter has benefited most from the pay rises which saw his salary rise 94% from £88,320 last year to £171,692. The BMA chair in Scotland, Peter Bennie saw the biggest pay rise with 137% increase from £32,305 to £76,431 while Philip Banfield in Wales received a 99% increase from £31,500 to £62,631.


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