NHS faces mass walk-outs if Tories force new contracts

A new survey suggests that thousands of British junior doctors will quit the National Health Service (NHS) if the government presses ahead with his threat to impose an unpopular contract on them.

About 71% of the 4,129 junior doctors polled said they would move abroad, become a locum or give up medicine altogether if the contract is forced on them next year as part of the government’s move to a seven-day NHS.

The poll has once against prompted warnings that such an exodus would leave the NHS unable to function.

Only less than one in three (28.6%) of respondents said they would stay in the NHS.

Earlier, a demonstration was held in London at which about 20,000 junior doctors protested against proposals which they say would cut their pay by up to 30% and force them to work even more antisocial shifts.


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