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12 Steps to Writing Eye-Catching Content Your Readers Will Love

Darn your readers! They’re bouncing off of your website just as quickly as fleas leave your dog’s back. Trouble is, their behavior is itching you, causing you much angst as you try to figure out why they’re just not staying ...

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Persuasive Writing – Powerful Ways to Engage Your Readers

Persuasive writing is an important technique to master if you are going to write your own sales letters, website content or blog.   This is basically a way of presenting readers with a win-win situation. For example if you are writing ...

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How Copywriters Can Use SEO to Help Improve Your Sales

These days when you think about marketing your business you need to think of social media, SEO and the internet, terms that haven’t been used until recently, terms that many business owners still don’t understand. When you are ready to ...

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How to Create an Outstanding Call to Action


A call to action (CTA) is simply the process of asking or telling a reader to do something. In the blogosphere, it’s not only acceptable to give your readers a CTA, it’s a necessity. Whether you want readers to fill ...

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Hey Marketers! Does Grammar Matter?


When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many variables to consider. Do you stick with traditional mediums, such as print advertising or radio/TV commercials? Do you go the digital route and invest in a website, email marketing ...

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5 Ways Quality Content Can Help Your Business Succeed Online


How Quality Content Can Generate More Leads and Increase Sales The web content craze isn’t going anywhere. Great website content can help you increase your traffic and generate new business online. From blogging to social media and more, companies all ...

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Psychology Applied to Sales


In today’s highly competitive business world finding an edge can make the difference between success and failure. All businesses rely on sales to survive, which is why companies across the world spend millions each year trying to improve the effectiveness ...

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The Big Reveal: How to Use Psychology for Effective Marketing


Selling an idea or a product entails studying the mind of your target market. This may seem intimidating at first, but it actually is quite easy to do, even for busy entrepreneurs like you. You don’t even need a degree ...

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3 Self Promotion Tips from a Sales Copywriter


When you’re starting out as a freelancer, your skills at self promotion will determine your success to a large degree. Once you’re established, the quality of your work will speak for itself and you’ll get business from referrals — but ...

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What’s Your Story, Company Glory?

Telling your company story to your employees is already an old tale, a cliché that would definitely make them sleepy and bored. I heard this from a friend, and although I believed the half of it, I know that company ...

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How to Write a Great “About Us” Page

by Julie Anne Eason
It's not about you. Sorry. Not even on your very own "About Us" page. This is the one place people most often forget the "What's In It For Me" rule...

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Five Reasons To Use the Word ‘Cheap’ in Your Website Content

by Jason Lancaster
Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality. Cheap can mean “charging or obtainable at a low price,” according to the Merriam-Webster...

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How to Create Blog Titles that Attract Clicks

by Jordan Blanco
The first thing that will be discussed is the length of the title, which can be tricky at times because some people like to write a very lengthy title for their article. If the title is too long, the...

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E-Publishing — The Road Ahead Is Paved With Digits

by Nitin Aggarwal
Consider this – Amazon earned more revenue through sales of Kindle than through books. Traditional publishing powerhouses like Barnes & Noble are heavily into e-reader...

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3 Killer Online Copywriter Tips

by Tom McSherry
As a professional online copywriter, I’ve become a critic of sales pages. Any time I come across a sales letter online, I pay attention to what’s done well and where the writer has gone wrong...

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5 SEO Tips For Writing For the Web

by Rutger Steenbergen
Google AdWords is widely used for attracting new visitors to a website, but without persuasive texts and some incentives they're easily gone, and your money as well. Avoid this with these...

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User Behavior Can Be Manipulated- If Only You Know How

by Nitin Aggarwal
User behavior can and must be manipulated. Even the big guys like Google don’t miss a single trick in the book. Keeping visitors on your website for as long as possible must be every...

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Writing Effective Television Commercials That Sell

by Haliyma Barrow
TV commercials are an important part of the marketing and advertisement strategy for most companies. Every copywriter involved in such work has to learn the secrets for writing great television commercials. Copywriters are the experts who are charged with the responsibility of developing...

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3 Tips to Writing Great Entrepreneurial Blogs That Will Get You Noticed

by Actiontrumpseverything.com
These days, anyone with a computer can write a blog, but there’s a big difference between a blog and a great blog. That difference lies in many variations of how and what the author(s) do, especially when it comes to writing entrepreneurial blogs. Entrepreneurs in general are defined by what they do rather than the way they think.

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Why You Should Forget SEO When Writing Content

by Kevin Gallagher
One of the worst things anyone can do when writing content for their website, is to have it in their heads that they are going to write it with the search engines in mind. Anyone reading about the basics of SEO may well get the idea that having the keyphrases they want to rank for appearing in not only the title and the...

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Headline Writing – The Lost Secrets Revealed

by Mau Carlton
What catches your eye as you browse the internet or scan the morning paper? Do you pass over articles or websites with unimaginative, boring names? Journalists and copywriters never underestimate the power of a well-chosen headline.

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