5 Ways Quality Content Can Help Your Business Succeed Online

How Quality Content Can Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

The web content craze isn’t going anywhere. Great website content can help you increase your traffic and generate new business online. From blogging to social media and more, companies all over the world are using written content to engage their existing audiences and win over others.

This post is designed to help website owners who want to better understand the value quality content can bring to a website and the organization behind it. It will give you concrete reasons why you should never underestimate the power content can have in helping achieve your business goals. Hopefully it will also give you some ideas on the type of content you can start creating on your own website if you haven’t already.

1 > Content helps you get noticed.

When you write great content that resonates with a targeted audience, trust me, they will share it. Blog or other web content that actually takes a unique position — not just content that repeats the same old story — is more likely to be shared and linked to. Remember, those in your network have people you want to reach in their own networks as well. Your reach isn’t limited to just one person you’re connected to, it’s all of the people they’re connected to, as well. Have something compelling or valuable to offer and you are more likely to not only reach one person, but all of those people around them.

2 > Content helps you connect.

Publishing content regularly on a blog or another channel is the best way to assert your brand’s voice and perspective. When you are successful in creating an engaging and consistent tone, your audience will connect with the humanness behind your business. You can’t put a price on that. How do you know if you’re audience is connecting? It works much like it does in real life. If no one is talking to you at a party, you might want to think about the way you’re communicating. Are you speaking their language? Are you giving the impression you don’t want to engage? If no one is responding to your content (be it on Twitter, Facebook or a blog) it’s probably time to take a closer look at why your message isn’t having an impact.

3 > Content helps you in the search engines.

Everyone knows how important it is to rank well in search engines, such as Google and Bing. Content is one of the most crucial elements to getting there. There are several reasons for this.

  • Keywords are critical.

People use keywords to find essentially everything in search engines — from restaurants to recipes. This means you need keywords on your website to get Google to display your site for the terms your customers are searching for. If you have minimal written content on your site and you don’t regularly publish a blog, how will they ever find you? Where do your keywords go? There is a fine line between a web design that wows and a web design that prevents your customers from finding you online. Your website must have keywords and keywords are content.

  • Fresh content is favored.

Fresh content is the key to being found more easily by your customers in the search engines. Not only does regularly published content (such as blog posts) get indexed by the search engines every time you post, they also treat new content as more important. This means, despite how your website is competing with others in Google, your fresh pages can rank higher than your competitors’ older content. This makes your website favored over another that may be just as relevant to what the user was searching for. Fresh content is a great way to compete for web traffic.

  • Links are a goldmine.

A link to your site from another site acts as a vote for your site in the search engines. Quite simply, the more votes (links) you have for your site, the higher your site will show up in Google and Bing. This makes links a number one currency for website administrators. What this says about your content is that you should try to create content that others will link to. Never underestimate the power of one link. The more links you have to your website or blog, the closer you get to the first page of Google.

4 > Content helps you keep your social networks alive.

We’ve all been there. You don’t know what to post on your Facebook page today. Yesterday you talked about your promotion. The day before that you talked about… your promotion. Chances are, you’re one-track updates are being ignored and your social media networks are going nowhere. That’s where great content comes in. Imagine if you could post a link to content on your website that your audience actually wants to read. And just imagine if that content actually grew your audience. Quality content can do that. When you publish content regularly, not only do you have more to keep Facebook and Twitter alive, you may actually be able to drive traffic through those networks. Instead of posting updates about you all of the time, post links to content that your audience actually wants to read. The first step? Find out what that is.

5 > Content helps guide your customers.

Is the content on your website focused on gently driving your visitors to the reason why you have a website in the first place? Or does it simply tell them all about you, you, you, and why you think they should call, buy or whatever? If you picked the latter, we need to talk. That’s because great web content should be strategic. It needs to first engage and then guide your visitors to the places you already know they want to go. This includes knowing your audience like the back of your hand, determining what they want, and then giving it to them through engagement and well-placed calls to action. Don’t ever assume that just because you have something your audience wants or needs that they’ll exhaust large amounts of time searching for it. Show them the way!

These are just a handful of ways great content can help improve your lead generation and sales. However, if you even adopt one of these philosophies into your content strategy, you’re well on your way to seeing better results from your efforts.

Image by toastytreat87 and licensed through Creative Commons.

Camella Mendez is a copywriter and content strategist with Internet Exposure, a Minneapolis web design agency that provides web development, SEO, content strategy and internet marketing services to its clients.