Hey Marketers! Does Grammar Matter?

When it comes to marketing your business, there are so many variables to consider. Do you stick with traditional mediums, such as print advertising or radio/TV commercials? Do you go the digital route and invest in a website, email marketing and social media? Or do you utilize a healthy mix of both? No matter what type of marketing collateral your company decides to use, one of the most important components is your content. And yes, this includes grammar.

Having consistent content composed of the same style and tone will help your company create a brand, but no matter how reputable your brand may be (or become), nothing deters potential customers more than poor grammar.

If your marketing collateral is full of run on or fragment sentences, or if you have an abundance of misspellings, potential companies are not going to take you seriously. Your marketing collateral is a reflection of your company and the quality of work you provide. If you can’t commit to ensuring that your own company is represented properly, why should they trust you with their own company?
For example, i

magine you’re looking at the websites of two companies that provide the same service. One website has clear and succinct copy that is easy to read and understand. The second website has run on sentences and every other word is misspelled. Which company seems more reputable? Which one are you going to buy services from?

Having poor sentence structure can also leave your potential customers confused as to what you are offering. Your marketing collateral should enable customers to get a better sense of who you are and what services and/or products you provide. If your collateral does not portray this information, potential customers are going to overlook your company.

The most influential content is clear and concise. Give people the basics of what they need to know about your company, and make sure to tell them how to find out more (known as a call-to-action). Tell them if they should call your office, come in for a visit, or visit your website. Companies use marketing collateral to get their foot in the door, and then rely on their sales team to seal the deal.

Having effective grammar does not mean that you have to read up on APA or MLA style or re-take a basic English class. In fact, most professional writers tend to stray away from conventional tactics in order to give companies a specific style and tone. For example, while most people may not believe it is considered “grammatically correct” to start a sentence with conjunctions–and, or, but–you will find many articles, websites and other publications that contain sentences starting with conjunctions.

The fact is that while you don’t have to stick to traditional copy rules (unless it is the style and tone your company wants), you still need to make sense. Don’t mistake “your” for “you’re” and don’t leave your readers hanging with fragment sentences. Be sure that your tone and style are consistent among all collateral, and most importantly, make sure to proofread your work before making it public.

To ensure that your grammar is correct, you may want to enlist the help of a professional writer or proofreader. Their expertise can be the deciding factor in whether or not your marketing collateral generates results or ends up a lost cause.

This article presented by the professional proofreaders at the world’s best grammar checker. Any time you write professionally or personally, always remember that attention to detail is essential.