Five Reasons To Use the Word ‘Cheap’ in Your Website Content

by Jason Lancaster

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality. Cheap can mean “charging or obtainable at a low price,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. If the product/service you provide is of quality, but also available at a low price, then by all means, use the word cheap in your website content!

1. Use the word cheap, because you are, in fact, cheap!

If you pride yourself on the value you provide and you know that your prices are the lowest on the market, then say so! In addition to just stating it, you could also offer a price matching guarantee like WalMart or offer periodic online door buster sales to highlight your low prices.

You should also ask a customer who loves you to share a testimonial about your wonderfully cheap prices. It’s always better to have someone else tout your greatness.

2. Your customers want cheap

Get feedback from your customers about why they chose to buy from you. Whether it’s an informal phone call or a complex survey, you need to know why people buy. If your customers value your cheap product/service, then call that out in your web content.

3. Your customers DON’T want cheap

When your customers don’t want cheap and would rather have the best at whatever price that may be, then call that out, too. Web content can be just as effective if you say what you don’t do.

4. Keyword research reveals “cheap”

Search engine keyword research will reveal what people search for on the web. If a high volume of folks use the words cheap, cheaper, cheapest when they search — i.e. they search Google for cheap Toyota parts – then guess what? You should incorporate cheap into your website content to make sure those people can find you.

5. Cheap leads to impulsive purchasing

If your product/service costs thousands of dollars, you’re less likely to get an impulsive buy from anyone. But if you sell a $3 gadget, then why wouldn’t I buy RIGHT NOW? Especially if you can prove in the web content that it’s the best $3 I’ll spend that day. Say you’re cheap, but also say WHY I should buy NOW.

About The Author: Jason Lancaster is the president of Spork Marketing, LLC, an Internet marketing consulting company.