Persuasive Writing – Powerful Ways to Engage Your Readers

Persuasive writing is an important technique to master if you are going to write your own sales letters, website content or blog.   This is basically a way of presenting readers with a win-win situation. For example if you are writing a press release you need to show the reader that they can’t lose by taking the action you suggest (such as visiting a website or buying a product).

Sales Talk

Persuasive writing is a tricky technique to master though. When I first started writing sales orientated content I made some big mistakes. I tried to sell too hard and now I look back I realise this was actually putting readers off rather than drawing them in. I focused too much on the general benefits of the product itself instead of how it could benefit the reader personally. This was not persuasive in that it didn’t present a winning situation for the target audience.

  • One clear example of this was when I was writing content for a high-end furniture website.
  • The content I produced contained a lot of references of the benefits of the high-end furniture including longevity, quality, superior styling etc.
  • However I did not take the next step and show the readers how these benefits could improve their lives.
  • So instead of just saying the product had ‘superior styling’ I should have gone on to suggest persuasive ways in which this could directly improve interior design in the home.
  • So I could have used a sentence like ‘the elegant styling of the superior leather furniture can help you to achieve the perfect period look in your home’.
  • By showing the reader just how the benefits of the product could improve their lives I would have been working to offer them a win-win situation.
  • This is what persuasive writing is all about. Providing the evidence that convinces readers to agree with the point of view or message you are trying to communicate.

Top Persuasive Writing Techniques

There are some key techniques that I now use to help make my content writing more persuasive and engaging to readers. These are just some tips I have picked up over the years from other content writers and industry publications.

1. Repetition

You do need to understand that repetition is a key way in which you can get an important message across in all forms of communication. By repeating the key message in several different ways throughout the writing you can ensure it remains firmly at the forefront of the readers mind. This should also be the lasting impression that they come away with after reading the content.

2. Clear Reasons

Provide some clear reasons why the reader should comply with the message in your writing. For example if you want them to visit your website then tell them why this would benefit them (i.e. they could get some great savings on RRP or find the perfect products for their needs). People are much more likely to comply with your suggestions if you give them good reasons to.

3. Consistency

You do need to be consistent in your writing. Consistency shows reliability and authority to the reader. Try and make your case in the opening paragraph of your writing. Then back up this case throughout the piece with plenty of supporting evidence/reasons. At the end of piece recap on your main point again. This kind of consistency is associated with integrity and will help to provide a powerful framework for your persuasive writing.

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