3 Tips to Writing Great Entrepreneurial Blogs That Will Get You Noticed

by Actiontrumpseverything.com

These days, anyone with a computer can write a blog, but there’s a big difference between a blog and a great blog. That difference lies in many variations of how and what the author(s) do, especially when it comes to writing entrepreneurial blogs.

Entrepreneurs in general are defined by what they do rather than the way they think. The same applies to an entrepreneurial blog. Take action in the following ways to achieve a great entrepreneurial blog.

1) Write about the present and the relevant. One of the main things you can do to write a great entrepreneurial blog is to stay on top of what’s happening in current events. Scan the most recent articles, find the most searched terms that day, and write commentary or opinion blogs about those findings, and fast! No one wants to hear about what happened in last month’s news today. Keeping your readers’ attention is harder than ever these days, with consumers (and this includes consumers of blogs, a.k.a. your readers) being more savvy and fickle than they ever have been before. Without current and up-to-date information, they will move one to another blog that is similar to yours, but piques their interest.

2) Promote interaction! Entrepreneurs, by nature, like to network and share ideas and then act fast on those ideas. Promote interaction and discussion with yourself and within your follower community through your blog posts. Ask questions, pose ideas for them to expand upon, and keep the conversation flowing as much as possible. Answer questions and comments and be the facilitator, but if you do it right, the conversation should carry itself.

3) Be savvy yourself; get your readers to act too! You can get your readers to help you promote and build a following fairly easily. At the bottom of each post, include a call-to-action, such as “Follow us on Twitter” or “Find out more on Facebook.com/xxxx,” or “If you like this post, share it with your friends.” Have a share icon so your readers can easily email or send the blog post to their friends via social media outlets. And always display your social media icons so your readers can find them quickly!

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