How Copywriters Can Use SEO to Help Improve Your Sales

These days when you think about marketing your business you need to think of social media, SEO and the internet, terms that haven’t been used until recently, terms that many business owners still don’t understand. When you are ready to venture into the online world with your business, using copywriters can help you ensure that you get the best visibility possible and reach the target audience that you need to reach.

What Is SEO?

A question that still many business owners don’t know. If you have happily run your store for years with a good customer base, you have never needed the internet. Now everyone is on the net whether they’re a supermarket or a hair salon or even if they offer a service such as plumbing or handyman. You don’t have to be a big business to take advantage of the affordable marketing the internet has to offer.

Chances are if you’re not on the internet you’ve noticed your business dwindling, though this is no surprise after the recession scare, where everyone is holding onto every possible penny they can. This is the time to move your business forward, move in a new direction and grab technology with both hands.

So let’s answer that nagging question on what is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it’s using certain keywords relating to your products or services that help your business get a good ranking in search results.

When a customer types a word into Google, for example, you want your business to appear as one of the first options for them to choose from, this is done through keywords and how they are utilised in your webpages, blogs and articles. You will gain a reputation with Google and your ranking will improve, thereby increasing your turnover and in turn increasing your profits.

Why Use Copywriters?

When you hire copywriters you don’t need them full time, maybe between you have agreed on ten blogs a month, so you only have to pay them for those ten blogs, this saves you money on desk space and a new computer for them.

Copywriters are specialists in their field, these are professional writers who work on a freelance basis and have a way with words that not only incorporates SEO, but draws people to your blogs and website, gets the customers to stay there and read what they have to say and hopefully interest them enough to buy.

Remember the last radio advertisement you heard for a product or service, it sounded like an opportunity that couldn’t be missed, it sounded like you needed that product right there and then and that this was the best product ever made, well copywriting is very similar but it’s done with words on paper rather than through voicing the words.

These writers have a way with words, they manage to engage their audience through interesting information, they draw people to your blogs daily trying to find out information that they are looking for or which interests them, this is your target audience and these are the people you want to buy from you. With a hyperlink to your website in the blog these customers can then click on the link and visit your site, where they can have a look around and see if the products are what they looking for, they can then purchase them with ease and this was all done through words, pretty remarkable, isn’t it.

So if you think about it now, do you have that special way with words, do you have the time to sit and write your own webpages and blogs and do you know what your customers will find interesting and informative?

Copywriters can fill the gaps for you, take the pressure off you and get the work written in a timely fashion, so you can concentrate on handling all the sales that come through the internet and into your email inbox.