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Sum it up with Summify

RSS is a topnotch tool to stay in touch and get updated with your favorite sites and blogs. To have RSS feed is like having an online correspondent from around the globe to supply all the needed information from and ...

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Generating Ideas for Your Blog

by Scott Spjut
Whether you've been blogging for years or are just getting started, it can be difficult to come up with ideas and topics for your website. Here are some ideas to get you started:

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37 “Rainy Day” Blog Ideas

by Joel Tarplin
Scratching around for the perfect blog post idea? Questing after a unique article can be a lonely task, so join us in listing some of the more quirky and inspiring blog post ideas. Any blogger in the internet marketing industry will tell you that the hardest part of what they do is coming up with inspiration and ideas for topics to blog about.

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Is It Worth Making Your Blog Facebook-Friendly?

by Aimee Sway from Print Express
When scientists discuss Facebook, they cite a network theory phenomenon called Metcalfe's Law: The strength of a network is proportional to all of its elements, squared. In that case, Facebook's 500 million users make it 62 billion times stronger than the thousand people who read your blog and your blogroll.

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3 Reasons Your Company Needs A Blog

by Jasmine Alicia from 100 Web Hosting
In a world where technology has greatly flourished and widely used among businesses, companies and even the individuals, social media has become a popular way to market and to reach out to more prospective clients. The advertising world has undeniably taken an exciting turn, compared to years ago when companies usually marketed...

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3 Money Making Blog Posts for Your Local Business

Guest Post by Stephanie Padovani from Bookmorebrides.com | “What’s the point in spending all that time writing blog posts if it doesn’t make me money?” That’s the question one of my wedding business clients, let’s call him Mike, recently asked ...

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Better Blogging Basics

Guest post by Denise Gabbard from Discount Vouchers | Basic writing talent is natural and instinctive, but almost anyone can learn most of the skills required to write compelling blog posts that get attention. Keeping your writing lively, clear, and ...

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Why RINF is different... And why you need to watch this...

RINF not only delivers the info you're not supposed to know, but also provides 100% free solution based videos and articles designed to help you to :

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