‘Blogger’ Most Reliable Blogging Platform

by Mick Meaney

In a new test conducted by leading uptime monitoring service, Pingdom, the Google owned blogging platform ‘Blogger’ has come out on top for reliability. From October 15 to December 15, Pingdom tested five blogging platforms – pinging each service once every minute over a two month period. Blogger, WordPress.com, Typepad, Tumblr and Posterous were selected for the test because these are the most widely used blogging services.

According to the test, Blogger achieved an astounding 100% uptime.

WordPress achieved an average uptime of 99.99%, Typad achieved 99.98% and Posterous achieved 99.86%.

Perhaps the most shocking result was from Tumblr, which only achieved 96.81% and actually spent more than two days offline during the test.

Pingdom note:

“However, it should be noted that Tumblr’s problems haven’t just been a few big outages, but a large number of smaller ones. The Tumblr blogs we monitored had an average of more than 300 outages during these two months, some very brief, indicating an ongoing performance issue with the service.

“We feel for Tumblr, because it’s quite likely that they’ve had issues scaling the service in face of its growing popularity. Tumblr currently has more than 11 million blogs, and they’ve stated that traffic to the service is increasing with more than 500 million page views each month.

“This rapid growth is bound to be a factor in the downtime we’ve seen. The important thing now is how Tumblr will handle this going forward. They are no doubt working hard on increasing the capacity of their infrastructure.”