37 “Rainy Day” Blog Ideas

by Joel Tarplin from The Creare Group

Achieving Originality, Together.

Any blogger in the internet marketing industry will tell you that the hardest part of what they do is coming up with inspiration and ideas for topics to blog about. It’s a constant struggle, and because of the continual nature of blogging it’s one that will never every be completely eliminated.

It might just be me (it often is) but it seems as though I keep mentioning the same point in a lot of my blog recently, even though they’ve all been on different topics. It keeps creeping back into my thinking, and it’s my experience that such niggling ideas will only go away if you give them the attention they so obviously crave.

The idea is: original thought. Blimey, that’s a relief.

I’ve been wondering whether it’s actually possible to have a completely unique idea for what to write about for your blog, one that’s never been thought of before by anyone else who’s ever lived. Now I don’t know everything that everyone’s ever thought (even though I act like I do sometimes!) so it’s pretty much impossible to prove that any idea is unique. But I think that by questing after the perfect notion, we can hit upon some pretty good nearly original ideas.

Loosely translated, the word Homo sapiens means thinking man. So if all we do as a species is think, imagine that you alone think something or have an insight that none of the billions of other sapient beings ever to walk the planet have ever had. That would be quite something…

Shame it’s not gonna happen. Instead, here are 37* fab blog ideas! Thank me later…

1. Write about your worst experience in SEO or internet marketing.
2. Write about your absolute best experience.
3. Run a competition or quiz.
4. Run a reader participation piece (send you experiences/tips/problems to us etc).
5. List the learning curves your blogging campaign has gone through.
6. Write a thank you blog.
7. Compare two contrasting SEO campaigns.
8. Compare an SEO topic to a celebrity or popular culture reference for amusing insights.
9. Write a rant.
10. Answer a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
11. Write a two part blog.
12. Google ‘How Do I’ and write a solution to some of the suggested problems.
13. Record a video blog.
14. Conduct or comment upon an interview of a recognised industry figure.
15. Explain a problem and invite readers to submit solutions.
16. Offer to review a reader’s SEO campaign for free and blog about issues raised.
17. Write an SEO for dummies guide.
18. List common myths and dispel/prove them.
19. Compile a tool kit for readers comprising your favourite SEO sites and tools.
20. Write an account of a typical day in your shoes.
21. Blog about industry developments you anticipate for the coming year.
22. Satirise a common issue in SEO.
23. List five of the worst errors any internet marketer can make.
24. Imagine a world without SEO and backtrack to identify its benefits.
25. Invite readers to send in questions and answer these in a blog
26. Write a guide to what to expect from a typical SEO company’s campaign.
27. Create a checklist of do’s and don’ts.
28. Comment on red hot industry news.
29. Form a photo/screenshot blog complete with witty captions.
30. Write about using articles to enhance your social media profiles.
31. Focus on social bookmarking.
32. Write a ‘how to’ article on blogging.
33. Review a specific tool in depth.
34. Explain how to manage a client’s SEO expectations.
35. Write a feel good piece on a personal life achievement (think having babies, climbing mountains etc etc).
36. Compile a list of quirky facts about your industry.
37. Create a blog which lists blogging ideas (sound familiar?)

*If you’re wondering why I chose 37 then you’re mistaking me for someone with a good command of logic and rationale.

Joel Tarplin is a Content Writer for Creare; specialists in SEO, web design, ecommerce, internet marketing company, email marketing and video production.