3 Money Making Blog Posts for Your Local Business

Guest Post by Stephanie Padovani from Bookmorebrides.com |

“What’s the point in spending all that time writing blog posts if it doesn’t make me money?”

That’s the question one of my wedding business clients, let’s call him Mike, recently asked me. Mike is a very successful wedding photographer with an impeccable reputation in his local market. At my urging, he finally got on the band wagon and started a blog for his photography business.

When I asked Mike how it was going, he grunted. “I’m not sure.”

I asked if he was getting traffic to his blog posts. “Sure, I’m getting traffic,” he admitted. “But I’m just not sure it’s worth all the effort.”

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to create more of the content the search engines love so that you can get more traffic for your website…which means a flood of leads that you can convert into CASH.

But Mike did have a point. For a local business, simply getting traffic to your blog isn’t enough. You need to make sure that the traffic is targeted specifically for your local market and the clients you want to attract.

Then you need to turn that traffic into REAL LEADS, people who actually contact you so that you can sell them your product or service.

Here are 3 specific types of blog posts you can write that drive BUYING traffic to your blog.

  1. The “Thank You” Post
  2. (My friend Brian McGovern shared this idea.)

    For most local businesses, the best referrals come from other related professionals. In the wedding business this is typically venues, photographers, DJs, etc. In the insurance business it might be real estate agents, financial consultants and lawyers.

    Identify your best referral partners and write a “thank you” blog post about them. Talk about how amazing they are to work with and the high quality of service they deliver.

    After the blog is posted, send them a link to your post and tell them how happy you are to recommend them to your blog visitors.

    You better believe those professionals are going to refer you even more! One little blog post = CASH.

  3. The Local Keyword Targeted Post
  4. Before you get freaked out by the idea of “keyword research,” this is easier than it sounds…

    Identify your best referral sources and the type of ideal client you would like to work with. If they were looking for your service or even a service related to your business, what would they type into Google?

    Write a blog post focused around those keywords. Make sure you use the local keyword phrase in the title of your post and two other times in your article. This will generate targeted traffic for your blog when a visitor searches for that term.

    For example, we’re wedding DJs. There are certain high-end wedding venues whose clients are a good match for us. I write blog posts using keywords like, “Onteora Mountain House wedding” and I attract EXACTLY the clients we want.

    Going back to the insurance angle, if you know that your ideal clients are young newlyweds who just bought a house, you might write a blog post about “How To Buy a House In [Insert Your Town.]

    There’s instant, targeted, buying traffic!

  5. The Client Case Study Post
  6. We all love stories. And there is nothing that shows what you can do for your clients better than a case study.

    This type of blog combines the powerful case study testimonial…and gets your clients to do the marketing for you!

    Here’s how it works…

    Pick one of your star clients, a real fan who you did a particularly amazing job for. Write up a blog post about the experience. Talk about how wonderful the client was to work with, how creative they were and the results you accomplished.

    Then send your client an email with a link to your post. Encourage them to share that link on Facebook, Twitter and in an email.

    The average person has about 130 email and social networking contacts. They’ll be more than happy to brag about the publicity they got on your blog…and in the process they’ll be promoting your business for FREE.

    This works better in some industries than in others. When we do a blog post about a bride’s wedding, she is definitely going to show off her wedding details by sharing our blog link with her Facebook friends. If you have interior design clients whose impeccable taste you mention in the post, they’ll likely do the same thing.

With a little creativity, those blog posts you spend so much time writing won’t just be good for the search engines. They’ll bring you targeted traffic from your ideal clients…the ones who buy.

Stephanie Padovani is a writer, wedding insider and consultant who dishes out wedding business marketing advice to help local professionals build a 6 figure wedding business.