Eight Tips for Creating Blog Content That Attracts Loyalty

If you want to really make it as a blogger, you don’t want to rely exclusively on SERP and high profile guest posts. You want people to open their browser and come directly to your blog for no other reason than that they enjoyed what they read the last time they visited.

This type of traffic cannot be bought. No amount of SEO sorcery can create it. Loyal repeat readers who enjoy your content. They are who you should be aiming for and they are who you should be writing for. If you can find enough of them, your life as a blogger is going to be both more enjoyable and significantly more profitable.

Unfortunately however, creating the content that attracts such a following isn’t easy. If all you think about when writing for your blog is perfect grammar and a high word count, such a following is unlikely to ever be something that you get to enjoy.

If you want repeat readers, you need to spend just as much time deciding what to write about as you do actually writing it. It’s also not always about what you say but how you say it. Here are a few tips for creating posts that make people fall in love with your blog.

Be Original

Be an avid reader/stalker of your competition and focus on covering topics that they don’t. Avoid writing about anything that every competing blog has already covered. Old news is boring and it doesn’t attract repeat readers. When something happens, aim to be one of the first blogs to post about it. You don’t need to be the first but you really shouldn’t be the last.

Don’t Just Educate, Entertain

Regardless of what you blog about, you should occasionally attempt to write posts where the emphasis is on humour and entertainment above all else. Informative, educational and useful posts are the lifeblood of most blogs but that doesn’t mean that you cannot occasionally take a look at the lighter side of your blogs niche. Web users don’t come online to be bombarded with information. They do so to be entertained.

Experiment with Video

If you’ve never sat on front of your web cam and made a video post, your blog is nowhere near as good as it could be. Video posts offer a few serious advantages over the text based variety. As well as allowing you to take a break from writing, they enable you to connect with your readers in a way that will never be achievable with text alone. They also allow your blog to stand out as video posts are still quite a rarity in the blogosphere.

Whenever Possible, Make a List

Everyone loves lists. If you don’t believe me, simply check the most popular posts on almost any blog, most of them will be lists. Provided you can avoid posting the same lists as everyone else, you really can’t go wrong with these highly structured and highly informative types of posts.

Be Beautiful

Most bloggers include images in their posts but many do so solely for the sake of SEO. There is actually another reason for incorporating pictures into your texts aside from attracting Googles love and it’s that humans like beautiful posts. You should take the time to choose images that add that special something to every post that you create. You might even be surprised to learn that the right images can seriously decrease your blogs bounce rate.

Make Difficult Tasks Easy

Tutorials are everywhere online and they make an excellent addition to any blog. Provided you choose the right long tail keywords to target, they also happen to be excellent at attracting search engine traffic. Tutorials alone however don’t automatically guarantee repeat readers, you need to focus on producing tutorials that genuinely do make difficult tasks easy to understand.

Focus on Your Most Popular Posts

Your blogs traffic stats not only illustrate the popularity of your blog, they also illustrate the popularity of your individual posts. You should establish just what topics tend to get the most attention and post on those topics as much as possible. You should also never be afraid to write follow ups to those posts that have proven particularly popular.

Be Opinionated

Finally, facts are important but facts alone don’t make for fantastic posts. While I’m not a fan of those that aim for controversy for controversies sake, I do believe that opinions always attract repeat readers more than facts. When you write about something, always include your own personal point of view on the subject. Doing so allows you to stand out from the many bloggers that mindlessly copy what everyone else says. Pick a side, even parrots can talk about the facts.

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