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What Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did

Eric Zuesse Here are highlights from a one-hour-and-thirty-seven-minute video documenting the ethnic cleansing or attempted genocide against the residents in southeast Ukraine, the Ukrainian area that had voted overwhelmingly for the man whom Obama overthrew on February 22nd. If the voters in that region were ...

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Iran polls prompt vote rigging allegations

Iran went to the polls today in presidential elections, with incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seeking a second four-year term. Four candidates were contesting the election, although much power rests with the unelected Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and presidential powers are ...

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Troops Have to Fight for Their Right to Vote

Active-duty military members arguably have more to lose than anyone else in Tuesday’s election, but voting can be an obstacle course for servicemen and -women overseas. The Dallas Morning News reports that in 2006 only one-third of the absentee ballots ...

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The Election-Industrial Complex

By Walter Smolarek | As the seemingly endless period of political campaigning in the United States will soon draw to a close, we on the left must access the damage; but more importantly, we must understand the means by which ...

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