U.S., NATO, Hold Joint War Games in Ukraine, and Give Ukraine Weapons, to Continue Ethnic Cleansing Campaign


Eric Zuesse
RINF Alternative News

During 15-26 September, the U.S. and 14 other NATO countries are holding war games in Ukraine, in order to assist the Ukrainian military to eliminate Ukraine’s cultural Russians. Ukraine is not yet a NATO country, but aims to become one; and NATO under President Obama has ended being any sort of alliance for democracy, and is now instead little more than an alliance against Russia — a Cold War alliance this time not against communism and the Soviet Union (which are long gone), but instead for American conquest, pure and simple, to dominate the entire world militarily — including especially domination over Russia. That would then be Obama’s enduring achievement in foreign policy: extending “The American Century” into a second century.

The Ukrainian Government is too insolvent to buy weapons (officially called “lethal assistance,” by contrast to supplying non-lethal items such as food, vests, etc.). Some unnamed NATO countries are thus now donating weapons, to help the Ukrainian Government slaughter enough residents in Ukraine’s southeast so as to enable the coup-regime that was imposed by Obama on Ukraine in February, to become elected into power in nationwide Ukrainian elections, so that this can be called a ‘democracy,’ though that’s what Obama overthrew in February — the man who was authentically democratically elected in 2010. But what got that man elected was overwhelmingly votes from the areas in Ukraine that are now being bombed by the Government that Obama installed. The Ukrainian ‘election’ that was held on May 25th was held only in Ukraine’s northeast, where Obama’s coup was popular. Ukraine was already bombing and trying to exterminate residents of the southeast. After enough residents there, in the southeast, have either escaped from Ukraine or else been slaughtered by Ukraine’s troops, the anti-Russian Government imposed by Obama in February will finally be able to survive a nationwide election, and then the U.S. will become enabled to install nuclear missiles there, aimed against Russian cities. That achievement can’t happen, however, unless the ethnic cleansing campaign is first successfully completed, because the people who live there are pro-Russian: they therefore must be eliminated before our missiles are installed. That’s also the reason why the people whom Obama installed to run the country are followers of Hitler, a man who hated Russians almost as much as he hated Jews. Ukraine’s best troops slaughtering the residents in Ukraine’s southeast are ardent nazis patterned on Hitler’s SS, and some even call themselves “Nazi.” President Obama doesn’t find that embarrassing; to the contrary: it’s his policy — he approves of this Government, because he installed it.

Under U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fascists were defeated in Germany, Italy, and Japan; but under U.S. President Barack Obama, nazism, which is the specifically racist form of fascism, is being restored to power in Ukraine, so as to enable the U.S. military to destroy Russia, by placing nuclear missiles right next door to it. In addition, Western oil companies, Monsanto, and other U.S. international corporations, are moving in, and Russian companies are being expelled from Ukraine.

Although America’s Republicans oppose Obama and say that he isn’t supporting enough the Ukrainian Government (that he actually installed), America’s Democrats admire Obama and think that his support of nazis in Ukraine is just fine as it is, and that it achieves just the right balance there, and elsewhere in the world, such as in Iraq and Syria, where the U.S. had brought Sunni Islamic fundamentalism and now wages war against it, likewise in perfect policy-balance.

The United States of today might have sided with Hitler and Mussolini, not only against Stalin, but even against Churchill. We’ve come a long, long, way, since WWII.

If President Obama is a liberal, then what is a conservative, in today’s America? How conservative would that have to be, to qualify as “conservative” here? Yet, still, Mr. Obama is probably less conservative than Hitler, though perhaps only equally conservative as Mussolini, who, after all, wasn’t nearly so obsessed to destroy Russia. Perhaps if Obama had been President during the 1940s, the U.S. would have sent reinforcements to help Hitler’s troops at the Battle of Leningrad.

Anyway, nazism has returned, in Ukraine, thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


  • Jimmy Bonds

    Ethnic cleansing? Is this the same as what Russia did to Ukraine and in the exact same area as when Russia ethically cleansed 7 to 10 million Ukrainians in the 1930’s? And later in Crimea in the 1940’s? Only so it could replace indigenous peoples in those areas with Russians?

    Looks like the Russian propaganda machine is in full speed ahead mode again. Problem is the truth of history has been cleansed from Russian history books, so it is easier to mislead the current Russian people with fear, the same fear it installed in the Russian people in earlier decades.

    This propaganda might work inside Russia, but not in any other place in the world

    • Andrew Zurich

      Jimmy Bonds is a troll. You should try changing your posts some time. Or learn history for that matter. The article is right on.

      • Jimmy Bonds

        So you still haven’t answered my question about all the ethnic cleansing of millions of Ukrainians by Russia using a food as a weapon at that time in the 1930’s in eastern Ukraine, and of ethnic Cleansing of Tartars in the 1940’s. And once has to ask the question, how did Hitler even get the idea he could ethnically cleanse so many millions of Jews from earth during his war. Answer? He learned what he needed to learn from Stalin’s cleansing of Ukraine, Stalin’s Genocide of Ukraine. Mr. Zurich is the real Troll. And all we have to do is look to the history books…Well not the ones from Russia, because all of those are edited to make the Russian nation look like saints, rather than the scourges of the planet they really are, or better put, their masters in the Kremlin are. And what is occurring in Crimea now under Russian rule again? Both Tartars and Ukrainians are being targeted, just like in the past. But under Ukrainian rule everyone was free, there was no targeting of any race.

        • hoyeru

          Invoking Hitler doesn’t mean anything. Saying that Hitler got the idea from Stalin is you juts making up stuff.
          And yes USA did work with Stalin. So USA chose to work with a killer.
          Blacks are STILL targeted in USA even today. One word: Ferguson. So USA cannot tell Russia what it can and cannot do. USA should fix its own problems first before talking about Russia.

          • Jimmy Bonds

            Russian soldiers don’t even want to be in Ukraine fighting their own bothers. They are ordered there by the new Stalin, real name Putin. First Stalin was only leader of Russian people USA could speak to, believe me, USA would have rather spoken to the wall that Stalin. “Just making up stuff” Is that what you call Stalin’s Genocide of the Ukrainian People and Tartars of Crimea? I suppose it is rather personal issue to you and hard to talk about, especially since most of the millions killed in the 1930’s were from the east side of Ukraine where the current WAR is and because of how they were killed, after they had collected their crops, sent them back to Russia to help their brothers, and left in the cold of winter to starve to death.

            Let’s talk about the past and how it affects the current day before you try to switch the subject.

    • hoyeru

      What about the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans? By some estimates up to 15 or 20 millions were exterminated.

      How about the African slaves USA used for 400 years? How many millions were those? Even in the 1960s blacks were fighti9ng for equal right in USA, and that’s merely 50 years ago. Even today blacks are killed in USA. Remember Ferguson?

      Will you acknowledge these?
      You seem to know Russian history very well but very ignorant about USA history.

      I am waiting for your reply.

      • Jimmy Bonds

        First of all, Native American Indians are alive and well in USA today. Many tribes are in fact owners of Casinos and are multimillionaires ( but they will take money from a drunk Russian on a vodka rage any day…and if you pull a gun on them on their own Indian nation within USA, they can legally scalp you. It is a traditional thing for them). All of them still practice their native folklore which is very impressive and apart of our national culture. But there were wars and at the end of those wars peace was made. 15-20 Million as YOU say? I think that is number you throw out to justify your cause of lies. There were never that large number, maybe 900 thousand. War is never good but peace was made. And today a wonderful story to share! Part of the great Indian nation in northern USA is taking active part in proclaiming USA’s national oil independence by allowing USA companies to come onto their foreign soil withing the USA, to drill for vast oil reserves. Both great nations benefit through mutual cooperation.

        USA is not even 400 years old it is however exactly 238 years old , but judging by your propaganda about American Indians and physical age of USA, you don’t know crap about USA. Oh one note on the slaves, their was a war to free them. And today we have our first Black President, and he is not a slave. Now let’s talk about Russian slavery since you bring up a much younger country than Russia.

        Russian serfdom (SLAVERY) was abolished in 1861, but its abolition was achieved on terms unfavorable to the peasants and served to increase revolutionary pressures. Between the abolition of serfdom and the beginning of World War I in 1914, the Stolypin reforms, the constitution of 1906, and State Duma
        attempted to open and liberalize the economy and politics of Russia but
        the tsars were still not willing to relinquish autocratic rule or share
        their power. Sounds allot like Putin today! Oh, you should not talk about black in USA, your nation has just recently proven itself to be the most racist race on planet Earth. And you are still actively doing it to this second.

        Since you have thrown out false lies and do not even know how young a country USA is, maybe you should take a history lesson or two, moron.

    • Alabama Mothman

      That was f’ing Stalin and over 50 years ago. Who the h#ll didnt he ethnic cleanse. The Ukrainians shouldn’t feel special.

      it’s Russians who feel pissed with thew Ukraine’s siding with Hitler and Nazis.

      The Ukraines lost 7-10 the Russians lost over 50 million. It the Russians who should feel pissed

      Death to nazi’s

      • Jimmy Bonds

        So you are saying that Stalin murdered 7-10 Million Ukrainians, but also killed 50 million Russians through forced starvation in that campaign? That is how it reads, but I think what you means is the NAZI campaign which occurred later killed 50 million Russians, allowing you to justify your point and trivialize that Stalin pacified the Ukrainian nation into capitulation by murdering 7-10 million of it’s people not by war, but through forced starvation in 1930’s, starvation that never had to occur, in order to achieve capitulation to the new Soviet ideology. The 50 million Russians who died in World War two was an entirely different matter and you are trying to mix the two completely separate situations together.

        And oddly if you are saying death to Nazi’s, and I think you mean fascism, you should look up the definition of it. If you do you will find that it is Putin who is practicing fascism at this very moment. What you hear about what is occurring in Ukraine, if you are in fact in Russia, is not the truth. It is fabricated by a fascist regime in Moscow to make you believe you are correct and everyone else is wrong. And you do have to ask yourself how could Russia go from and international player one minute say back in early 2013 when Russia was gearing up for the Olympics, to being isolated by the entire world today if Moscow government was so benevolent.

        By the way if I were you, I would keep away from any midnight burials of Russian soldiers, who died “outside Russia”. You might end up dead yourself and by agents of your own fascist Russian government if you do. Just some helpful advice.

      • Jimmy Bonds

        PS. Maybe back in World War 2 the Ukrainians sided with the Nazis, if they all did, which is not true, but I understand how you want to make your argument look.

        Regardless, since the periods were so close together, maybe one side was looking for a strong enough enemy of Russia to help it regain its national unity.

        Have you heard the enemy or my enemy is my friend once or twice in your life?

        Stalin started the madness by killing Ukrainians in a non-war situation first. It was only a matter of time before the other side would find a partner to help it kill as many Russians as possible as pay back for Stalin’s sins. If you want to blame anyone, don’t blame the Nazis, or Ukraine, blame Stalin. If Stalin had never caused that unnecessary Ukrainian Genocide previous to World War 2, he would have had a strong willing partner against the Nazi’s in WWII. Because of his actions, 50 million Russians died…or whatever the real number is.

        Thank you for all of your great information. Any time you would like to continue this discussion feel free to contribute. Do realize history does have a way of coming back and biting Russia in the ass however.

  • John Doe

    What were you smoking when you wrote this article? I’d like some…