VIDEO: The “Magic” of Disappearing Votes

In segment 3, Stephen Spoonamore explains how election fraud can happen even if the voting machines are registering votes correctly. One way is through the haphazard custody of memory cards after voting. But it gets worse. No one has ever inspected the code inside the vote tabulators, so alarming issues like tabulators that decrease votes remain unanswered. They produce negative numbers, which should never happen in a vote tabulator. Why would there be a need to decrease – subtract – votes? To steal votes, plain and simple. How does he know? Under the guise of “proprietary software” Diebold refuses to allow its code for voting machines to be inspected. The real irony is that Diebold allows their code for cash machines to be inspected. Since statistical analysis is the method by which all computer fraud is discovered, Diebold’s rejection of their code inspection is an ominous indicator of election fraud.