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Reaching the Mobile Market More Important than Ever

Desktop computers are still, by far, the preferred way that people access the Internet. This isn’t too surprising. The Internet, in fact, is still largely designed for desktop computers. Some Internet sites that are wonderful on desktop computers are horribly ...

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Time Management Apps for the Self-Employed

Mobile apps to keep you on target and productive all day long Time management is the bane of every self-employed, work-at-home, or telecommuting businessperson. With no supervisor, no clocking out, and all the distractions of home, it can be difficult ...

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Top 10 Android Apps You Can’t Live Without


There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps on the market today. When it comes to choosing the ones that you want, the options are nearly endless. Of course, even with so much to choose from, there are still some ...

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Mobile Websites are Becoming a Business Necessity


Traditionally mobile websites were considered to be the poorer cousins of the desktops websites. Most businesses gave little attention to them as they hardly brought in any sales and revenue. Mobile users would have to visit the desktop version of ...

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Five Popular Business Apps for iPhone


1. Flashlight The brightest light application for your iPhone, this will light up your world. We all know how essential it is to carry around a torch or a light of some kind as you may fall in a fix ...

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Creating a Great Mobile App for Your Business


If you’re going to create a mobile app for your business, it needs to be great. Millions of people rely on apps on a daily basis, and you want to convince them that yours is worth their time, too. A ...

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Web Apps Fight Back Against Mobile Apps

by Jon T. Norwood
There has been much speculation recently regarding the battle between Mobile Apps, such as Android and Apple, and Web Apps, which are applications designed to run from anywhere and...

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Why App Stores Work

by Tavis J. Hampton
It seems everyone wants an app store now. You cannot turn on the TV or the web and not see or hear someone talking about apps and app stores. A lot of the app store popularity...

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7 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Finances

by Tom Blackwell
There are so many really good iPhone apps especially in the Finance category.  We decided to take a look at some of the most popular apps for managing your finances.  It is really neat to be...

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The Mobile Internet Revolution And How Your Small Business Can Benefit

by Car Care
The future will be mobile, and the future is upon us. Each year, more consumers are buying mobile devices, and tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are falling over themselves to provide...

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Best Smartphone Apps for Saving Money

Guest Post by Ryan Medalla from Life Cover
The iPhone and the Android have lots of great applications for all kinds of uses. Some of these apps are helpful, some are for fun, and some are quite strange too.

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Developing a Profitable iPhone App: It’s Easier Than You Think

Guest Post by Ryan Chaffin “Hey Kev! Is that the new iPhone?” Does that sound familiar? It should. The iPhone is always evolving, making it desired and/or envied by somebody, somewhere in the world. And because of that, the iPhone ...

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