Best Smartphone Apps for Saving Money

Guest Post by Ryan Medalla from Life Cover |

The iPhone and the Android have lots of great applications for all kinds of uses. Some of these apps are helpful, some are for fun, and some are quite strange too. Many of us have seen the light saber and the beer apps and there is even a Voodoo Doll app and one that will scan fingerprints.

There are also lots of useful tools for your daily life too. Apps that can make your life easier and many that can help you save a lot of money and manage your monthly budget. Lets look at some of these great apps.

Skype (Free)

Skype is available on both the iPhone and the Android. It allows you to make free phone calls with other Skype users and you can also buy very inexpensive talk time if you’re calling a cell phone or landline. This app is very useful to people with friends and family in foreign countries because it can allow you to phone them for free.

According to a recent Reuters article, nearly 5 million people downloaded the newest version of Skype in about a one week period. The popularity of the app in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region is immense.

BillMinder ($1.99)

This is a very useful way to keep track of your bills — all in the palm of your hand. You can set up push reminders that notify you before your bill due dates and this will help make sure you never miss a bill payment again.

One of the great features of BillMinder is that it allows you to set recurring bill reminders. This helps for all those monthly bills for things like your cell phone, internet, and student loan repayments. This saves you from having to key in those bills each month like you have to do on similar apps.

BillMinder lets you see how much your spending per month on your bills too. If you’re struggling with your finances then it should help you see the areas that you can cut down on to save money. Another great feature is the ability to export your bills to Microsoft Excel or Numbers. The application even allows you to back up all your data and export it to your email address. This means that your important financial information will stay safe at all times.

If you need an efficient way to track your bills every month, you wont go wrong with BillMinder.

Gas Buddy ($2.99)

Finding the cheapest gas price in town is easy with Gas Buddy. In some cities gas prices will vary as much as 15-20% so finding the best deals will easily pay for this $2.99 app.

The app allows you to determine the distance to each gas station as well as directions on how to get there. You should stay off the phone while you’re driving but other than that this app will make you a happy driver.

Another cool feature is the ability to set your vehicle’s tank size, your miles per gallon, and the fuel type that you use.
The app is especially useful in large metropolitan cities because the data is user generated. Therefore you’ll notice that there are more users in cities like Chicago so the price information is updated more often than a city like Fargo, North Dakota. As more users flock to the Gas Buddy app, its money saving ability will increase even more.

Coupon Sherpa (Free)

This app allows you to search by store name or category. You can locate stores and shops that are close to your current location and it even allows you to email coupons to family and friends.

Another great feature of Coupon Sherpa is that you can mark businesses as favorites if you shop at them often — that way they’re available immediately.

Some stores wont accept coupons on your phone but Coupon Sherpa lets you easily print out your coupons so you have them on hand also. If you’re a coupon junky then you need this app.

Grocery Gadget – Shopping List ($4.99)

This is a very feature rich application that will save you a lot of time and energy. It will also make your life easier as you wont be forgetting those shopping lists at home anymore.

Because this app is so extensive, it can take you a little while to truly master all the features that are available. You’ll be thankful when you have it all figured out though.

If you’re interested in testing out the app you can save $4.99 by using the free version. It will only save one shopping list with up to 20 items but it will give you a sense of the interface and some of the great features.

Shopping List allows users to upload and share their grocery lists while offering additional frugal options like coupons and price comparisons. This is the highest-ranking Grocery List application by MacWorld and for good reason. You can even scan product barcodes with this app.

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