Five Popular Business Apps for iPhone

1. Flashlight

The brightest light application for your iPhone, this will light up your world. We all know how essential it is to carry around a torch or a light of some kind as you may fall in a fix at anytime. This handy application will ensure that you get light even in your darkest hour just by tapping once. It even comes with a storbe and hence you can use it anywhere. You can even manage the speed of the strobe and instantly turn up the LED light at the back of your iPhone if you have the iPhone 4.

2. Adobe Reader

This is the most standard of all PDF file readers available globally and now it has been tailor made for your iPhone and iPad. Get this application and read along with sharing PDF documents across various platforms. If you are looking for a faster and efficient method for interaction through PDF then this is what you should get. Using this application you can quickly access documents, view portfolios and packages, read annotations of various texts as well as open password protected files in PDF format. Hence, this application can get you access to even encrypted PDF files.

3. Craigslist Mobile for iPhone

Craigslist is now available in iPhone and iPad versions and just with the tap of a finger you can access thumbnail previews of photos and maps along with easy access to posters and your personal craigslist account. This application has all the features of the good old craigslist and more. It will give you a map browser, a multi city searcher as well as tools for communication so that you can respond to postings by your friends on interesting stuff. There is even a photo browser along with a craigslist area selection device which can pin poit and track areas by using an effective GPS system.

4. Dragon Dictation

A voice recognition application that is extremely easy to use, dragon dictation meets your all every need for not typing texts. You can dictate your emails as well as your text messages and even view them as they get typed. With just a touch of your finger then you can send the very same off to whoever you like without bothering your fingers. Plus, you save time because dragon dictation is at least five times faster than normal typing on the keypad or keyboard. What’s more, this application also allows you to get your status updated in Facebook and twitter and all you have to do is speak it up. Dictate notes and reminders as per your personal use and experience life as easier.

5. Battery Boost Magic App, free

This is your battery performance booster which will give you news not only of how much is left of your 3G and 2G talk time but also how much MB you have remaining in your internet account. This application also features video playback timing along with sound recording playback. It gives you accurate timings of your three and two dimensional gaming and standby time of your phone battery as well. On top of all that, this application even gives you tips direct from Apple on how to increase battery performance and maximize battery utilization competently. It is a fully automated application service.

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