The Mobile Internet Revolution And How Your Small Business Can Benefit

by Car Care

The future will be mobile, and the future is upon us. Each year, more consumers are buying mobile devices, and tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are falling over themselves to provide mobile services and applications. So what does this mean for your small business? In a nut shell, you’ve got to get on board with the mobile revolution.  It may be rather extreme to say that you’ve got to abandon the sinking desktop ship, but at the very least it would be conservative to say that you should hedge your bets in the mobile space. On the plus side, you may find that it yields many benefits if your business is able to find a voice in an area that is free from the noise of your competitors. Here’s a few ways that you can tap into the mobile trend.  



Text Message Marketing



What was once a way for teenagers to send goofy messages to their friends has now boomed into something much more important in the world of marketing.  According to a wireless industry trade group called CTIA, people send around 3-5 billion text messages per day.  Unlike email messages, spammers have largely been kept out of text message inboxes due to strict regulations.  Recent cell-carrier research states that 97% of text messages are opened, and most within the hour they’re received.  What’s even more, people are connected to their mobile phones 24/7. All of this means it’s a goldmine for businesses.


A relatively new method for marketing to mobiles is text message marketing.  You create an opt-in list where people who like your company can join.  Through this list, you can send your customers short messages offering them deals.  It’s very simple and the messages MUST be short – under 160 characters.  This is a wonderful way to spread the word about your small business, but beware – spam is not taken lightly.  For this reason, don’t hire a company to do your marketing that uses automated dialers.



Local-Based Marketing



Another trend is local-based marketing.  Sites like Yelp offer online guides to various metro areas that show users places to eat, things to do and other things that only the locals would know.  When someone visits a restaurant or attraction, they can go onto these sites and review the place they’ve just been.  Then when other people are on the move, they can open their mobile internet browser on their phone or tablet, do a quick search, and find a good recommendation for a business in their local area. It’s possible for you to get your small business listed on these directory sites, and then let your customers do the rest. Just make sure you’re providing outstanding service so that they have something good to say!


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also offering what’s called “check-in services.”  These are mobile applications that let customers tell everybody they know when they visit your small business.  They can tell who they’re with and upload photos.  There is also a search feature for users to find out who has been where.  This is another way for people to make connections, and it’s a great way to get the word out about your small business.



Mobile Coupons



Mobile coupons are already widely used in Asian countries like Japan and Korea, where the shift to mobile is already more advanced.  Restaurants, shops, and other businesses offer special deals that are only available through their mobile sites.  Users find the site and, when they enter the place, use their mobile to get the deal.  One site that is really doing amazing things with this is Groupon.  They offer special deals daily at local places, and when a certain number of people have agreed to take the offer, it becomes real.  Getting your small business listed on these sites can also bring you lots of new customers.


As the wireless internet becomes even more prevalent, more and more people are surfing the net during their daily travels.  They may be wandering around town looking for a place to eat, or scoping for somewhere to hang out for the afternoon.  If you run a small business, it pays to be the place that they discover.  The mobile revolution is still in its infancy, so prepare your business to surf the coming mobile wave.





This article was written by Car Care, Australia’s largest mobile car detailing network. Car Care provides outstanding car wash franchise business opportunities, including the options to purchase an existing car wash for sale, or build from the ground up with a proven business model.