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IBM to build UK fingerprints database

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has contracted IBM to build a database to support the Government’s switch to biometric passports.IBM will also provide a replacement for the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) Immigration and Asylum Fingerprint System (IAFS) which holds ...

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Government may renew data sharing plans

Speaking at a conference in London organised by the Information Commissioner’s Office, he emphasised the need for a new consultation on the appropriate limits of data sharing. This follows the government’s retreat from its plans, contained in clause 152 of ...

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Paying billions for our database state

It is cost rather than privacy concerns that will save us from Labour’s megalomaniac surveillance schemes – a point underlined this morning when David Cameron was interviewed on the Today programme. With the vast choice of public expenditure open to ...

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The database state we’re in

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust has published a major report on the UK’s Database State. Technology is transforming government, and there is an urgent need to control and understand it.  One of the most irritating tropes of New Labour is ...

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