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Three Essential Keyword Tips for SEO Newbies

If you’re new to the digital marketing landscape then you probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of information there is lurking around on the internet. If you are struggling to find a good place to start your online marketing campaign ...

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Monitor Your High Quality Traffic with these 9 Tools

If you want to know what kind of traffic you are getting, you will need the help of certain tools to figure it out. They can determine whether or not you are getting traffic, how the traffic is behaving, and ...

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Creating an Impressive Competitor Analysis

SEO is all about beating the competition. You want to boost your client’s keyword rankings, putting them ahead of the competition. Most of the time, this is easier said than done. However, if it’s done well and conditions are right, ...

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Understanding Multi-Channel Funnels


If you’re new to Google Analytics or you don’t fully understand how it all works it can be hard to recognise the importance of some reports that are available to you. One in particular is the Multi-Channel Funnels report. In ...

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Top Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is THE most important process in creating a new website. Assuming that your focus on search engine traffic, a keyword phrase that doesn’t have enough searches won’t make you any sales; if you pick the one with a ...

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7 Reasons to Regularly Look at Your Analytics Report


If you were an active investor, wouldn’t you look at your accounts on a daily basis? Of course you would. You have to know which positions are performing well and which are not, and make portfolio adjustments accordingly. The same ...

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33% of Small Business Turning to Viral Marketing


A new survey conducted by Staples has found that one third of small businesses are moving away from traditional advertising in place of viral and word of mouth marketing. The study asked the opinions of 500 random businesses that have 20 ...

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“95% of marketing efforts are flawed”


Speaking at the International School of Business and Media (ISB&M) in Pune, consumer behaviour expert Neale Martin has claimed that 95% of marketing efforts are flawed. “One should become a customer’s habit, and not their choice. Today, 95% of marketing ...

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Is Bounce Rate Still Important?

by Kim Hutson
Most people with a website and most SEO’s spend so much time worrying about positions too many other things often get overlooked. In particular bounce rate is often seen as a problem for the Conversion Department but there’s no point bending over backwards getting all that traffic to your site if they...

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Best Analytics Services You’ve Never Heard Of

by Jessy Troy
It was the best of intentions: a site was to be explored and numbers were to be dissected. All data was to be accessed and mastered. Such an intention proved to be impossible, however, as you realized the sheer...expanse of information. There was too much to discover and too much to consider. The attempt failed before it could even begin - and your desire to strengthen your...

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5 Reasons to Use Polls on Your Site

by Maria Rainier
Those who blog for business must engage their audience in order to keep them coming back to their site. To this end, bloggers can include images, video, links, solicit guest posts, and the like. Some viewers, however, simply won’t leave behind comments, and guest posts can help you only insofar as adding new content from a fresh perspective.

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Getting Started With Internet Marketing: Conducting Research

by Darrin Kuykendall
You’ve heard the stories of entrepreneurs creating social networking sites from their garage, generating millions of dollars. You’ve heard the stories of the person who was

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Understanding Your Bounce Rate

Guest Post by Deepak Gupta from Help My Resume | When I bring up the topic of Bounce Rate, I am not discussing the NBA. According to Wikipedia, “Bounce rate (sometimes confused with exit rate) is a term used in ...

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