Is Bounce Rate Still Important?

by Kim Hutson

Most people with a website and most SEO’s spend so much time worrying about positions too many other things often get overlooked. In particular bounce rate is often seen as a problem for the Conversion Department but there’s no point bending over backwards getting all that traffic to your site if they bounce off after only view one or two pages. Keeping your traffic on your site doesn’t have to involve a complete site redesign here are five really easy things you can do to make sure they stick about.

Check your analytics

Start at the beginning, there’s no point trying to increase time on site and lower your bounce rate if you don’t know where you’re going wrong in the first place. Start by looking at your most popular organic pages and checking how long people are looking at them and how high the bounce rate is. If any of your top ten most viewed pages have a bounce rate higher than 50% this would be a good place to start, if they’re higher than 90% you have some serious work to do. It is worth remembering that this will all be relative, if you only have a one page site, the bounce rate will be irrelevant.

Creative content / landing pages

Now you can start looking at your landing pages, most your traffic will probably be coming via your home page but if you’ve got category, sub category and product pages too look at them objectively. If you’ve been SEOing them they’re probably looking great to the search engine but you’ve forgotten about your human traffic. You don’t want massive blocks of text but at the same time pages and pages of product images are going to be boring too. Although it’s easier said than done you need to find a happy medium of the two. Don’t forget to check your competitors out too, although you obviously can’t outright copy them you might be able to find some ‘creative inspiration’.

Online video

This is one medium that a lot of websites are still getting to grips with. When you say online video they immediately think of dogs riding skateboards on YouTube. You site traffic can’t pick your product up, they can’t try clothes on, they can’t feel the grain in the wood on furniture so you have to make your products feel as real as possible. Show your products in action, a fashion show or a practical demonstration. If you sell a service rather than a product interview one of the bosses talking about what your product produce and how it can benefit your traffic.

Inject personality

The video mentioned above will help with this one but there are other things you can do too. whether you do all your business via your website of whether it’s just a lead generator or a support for the sales team you need to make sure it shows the personality of your brand. Pages of text and standard images don’t show personality, the language in the copy and the font used connote individuality. If you have a corporate brand image to upkeep you’ll be limited by how much you can change but at least with the introduction of some video you’d be able to add a face to your business.

Shout about your USP

Before your traffic clicked onto your site they probably had a search engine results page offering another nine results they could have clicked on and your visitors haven’t forgotten this. What ever you can offer that those other nine can’t you need to make it obvious straight away. This could be anything from free delivery if your selling a product or free tech support if your selling a service, whatever it is you need to make sure it’s not hidden away on a ‘terms and conditions’ page but shouted from the banner instead.

Kim works for Quality Furniture 4 U who sell exquisite dining room furniture and mirrored furniture