Three Essential Keyword Tips for SEO Newbies

If you’re new to the digital marketing landscape then you probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of information there is lurking around on the internet. If you are struggling to find a good place to start your online marketing campaign then look no further. Before you can even begin your quest to the top of Google, you need to establish the keywords that are going to get you there. So, as we like being nice from time to time, here are a few tips to get your digital ball rolling.

Find suitable keywords

Rule number one of the SEO world is ensuring you are targeting the right market. The last thing you want is loads of people finding your website who have absolutely no interest in using your products and services. This will damage both your business generation and your SEO campaign. Google checks to see how long people stay on your site, and if you have nothing of value to them then they’ll be off in a flash and you’ll be marked down in Google’s bad books.

So, how do you get relevant traffic? Well, you have to find relevant keywords! Picture what phrases people would type to search for your products and services and write them down. You’ll then want to target these phrases. However, bear in mind that some phrases have a lot of competition attached and can be hard to target. For this reason it can be a wise idea to enlist the help of professional SEO companies.

Choose what keywords to use on your webpages

Ok, so you’ve made it past round one, you have a bunch of relevant keywords that should get you decent traffic and you’re wondering what to do with them. The next step you need to take is to plan a strategy of getting these keywords on to the various pages of your website. The search bots that Google uses are a fussy bunch, and they don’t like seeing the same keywords on multiple pages.

To please the bots, you should plan your pages around your keywords. It’s a good idea to use several keywords for your home page, and then use one or two keywords on each subsequent page, ensuring that they don’t clash. You also want to avoid putting keywords in your content just for the sake of it, as at the end of the day, people still have to read your content. If it doesn’t make sense then you and your business are going to lose credibility fast!

Don’t go in like a keyword bulldozer

We’ve been in the SEO game for a long time and we’ve seen our fair share of marketing blunders on our journey. However, by far the most common mistake we see is people using keywords way too many times on one page.

In the bad old days (we’ll call them bad as underhand methods were used) it was good SEO to stuff keywords into your content wherever they’d fit. However, Google soon became wise to people manipulating its search bots and soon developed a method of stopping ‘keyword stuffing’.

Today, overusing keywords is as bad for SEO as not using any at all, and Google will soon recognise a keyword happy site. All professional SEO companies nowadays completely avoid using the ‘black hat’ technique of keyword stuffing. Instead, they’ll use a Google friendly keyword strategy. A good strategy is to use a single keyword around once every 100 words so that a particular keyword only makes up 1% of the total content.

That’s the bare essentials

This info is all you need to start planning your keywords and web content and launch your online marketing campaign. However, it is only the basics and there’s much more to keywords than this. If you want success but lack the marketing knowledge, then it is advised that you enlist the services of professional SEO companies.

Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter, and SEO pro who’s earned his digital marketing stripes. Currently, he works for a company called Marketing By Web. They are an SEO company based in the UK that offers a range of online marketing solutions, including PPC and Social Media as well as SEO. If you want help with your war with the search engines, then either Stuart or his friendly co-workers will be happy to discuss your needs.