Monitor Your High Quality Traffic with these 9 Tools

If you want to know what kind of traffic you are getting, you will need the help of certain tools to figure it out. They can determine whether or not you are getting traffic, how the traffic is behaving, and whether or not it is high quality traffic. Then, it’s up to you to take that information and use it to your advantage. Most of these tools you’ve probably heard of, but there might be a few that you missed that could be causing some very important information to slip by. Make a difference in your website’s business by getting to know these nine website tools.

Google Analytics

Because Google is such a popular search engine, most site owners want to know how their site looks from the Google side of things. That’s why installing Google Analytics is extremely important. You can keep track of clicks, conversions, and even delineate data for easier analysis. The program will also allow you to set goals and notify you when you’ve achieved them. It’s fairly basic as far as web tools go, but that makes it easy to use for even beginning website owners.


Tracking with Google Analytics will tell you whether or not your methods are working. If they aren’t, it’s time for some market research. You can get a lot of market research info by using Quantcast. Basically, it gives you a demographic profile for your site and/or your closest competitor. That helps you determine who you should be targeting when you optimize your site. You can also get demographics for the sites you want to advertise on. This will tell you exactly what kind of ad you should place there to direct high quality traffic back to your site.

Google Website Optimizer

If you really want to test your methods, you’re going to want to invest in split testing. You can use the Google Website Optimizer and Visual Website Optimizer to compare various versions of your website against each other. This lets you know which one is performing better in the way of traffic, conversions, and returns on your investment. Once you determine which website version works the best, you can really start attracting traffic as you devote all of your resources to that site. High level marketing experts are known to use split testing, so if you are trying to compete with the big sites they run, you’ll want to get on board with the optimizers.

ClickTale and CrazyEgg

When you run a business website, you need to be concerned with not just the quality of your traffic, but how that traffic is behaving. With ClickTale and CrazyEgg, you get information about each visitor, including great visual representations of what’s hot on each of your pages. Through their heatmap tool, as shown in the picture, you can get recommendations as to where you should place an ad, an item for sale, or other content, based on the data it gathers. If you want, you can even watch recorded visitor sessions to see what they do. During this portion of the program, you can actually see their mouse move and watch them scroll. It will provide you with invaluable insights into what people are noticing and what is simply getting skimmed over.

Google Webmaster Tools

Yes, it is another Google product, but when Google controls more than half of the web traffic out there, you can’t really help but use their tools to verify it. If you want to know about ranking factors like page-load times, impressions, click-throughs, and keyword use, then the Google Webmaster Tool is your best friend. When it comes to information you need to convert visitors to customers, this is the kind of data you’ll want to know. Since it’s from Google, most people find the control panel familiar and easy to use, even beginners.

Rank Tracker

Professional website building companies and SEO companies alike use the powerful Rank Tracker tool. It can do pretty much anything related to keywords, including search hundreds of them at a time. All you have to do is insert all the keywords you are curious about and it does an organic search. Then it ranks them, letting you know which ones will get the best results. That will help you figure out what optimization and linkbuilding needs to be done. You can even analyze how many ranking spots you’ll move up based on the linkbuilding and optimization you want to perform. This tool is the perfect one to have in your arsenal when building a backlinks strategy and when developing new content.

SEO Spyglass

As nice as it is to know your own stats, it is even better to know your competitors’. SEO Spyglass reveals the backlink profiles of the sites you compete against. You can search a particular keyword you want the top spot for and mimic the backlinks of the highest-ranked sites. Just be sure that when you mimic those other companies, that you go beyond what they did, since you will be trying to get and stay a rank ahead of them.


At Big-Boards, you get access to every forum known. While this may not seem like it would have much to do with your traffic, forums can actually bring in quite a few customers. By creating a strong presence in popular forums, you can give out advice, earn trust, and send traffic to your site when you have a chance to make a recommendation or offer.

Market Samurai

Another important SEO tool worth stopping for is Market Samurai. It allows users to do valuable keyword research for pretty much any niche. It will even give your chances at actually making one of the top spots with a particular keyword. This kind of information is great for the beginning of SEO campaigns because it can give you an idea of where to start in terms of keywords and search engine optimization.

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