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War and terrorism news. Daily War and terrorism news from around the globe.

ISIS: A Monster Created by the West

A map shows areas contested or controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. (Credit: CNN)

Robert Freeman It is a laughable routine of the mass media to demonize all of the leaders of U.S. enemies as latter-day Hitlers.  Saddam Hussein was a Hitler.  Hugo Chavez in Venezuela was a Hitler.  Gaddafi in Libya.  Assad in ...

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Israel’s ‘Moral Hazard’ in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows off photos that he claims justified the bombardment of Gaza. (Israeli government photo)

Paul R. Pillar The passage in the British House of Commons of a resolution favoring recognition of a Palestinian state, coming on the heels of the Swedish government’s announcement of its intention to extend such recognition, is the latest indicator ...

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Obama’s Dumb War


The president is now poised to leave behind a Middle East quagmire much like the one he was elected to end. Peter Certo If Barack Obama owes his presidency to one thing, it was the good sense he had back ...

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