The Whole World Opposes Drone Warfare … Except for the U.S. and Israel


… And One Poor African Country

new poll from Pew shows that majorities in every country polled oppose drones … except for Israel, the U.S. and Kenya:



Why Kenya?

Perhaps because drones have been successfully used to stop poaching of elephants and rhinos in their national parks:

Kenya is to deploy drones in all of its 52 national parks and reserves in a bid to monitor and stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos.

The move by the government follows a successful pilot project in major protected wildlife area, that saw drones reduce poaching by up to 96%.

Americans are woefully ignorant about this issue … They still don’t realize that drone bombings create more terrorists than they kill.

And as the Washington Post notes, Americans are stunningly apathetic:

We’re not kidding. Americans really, really don’t care about foreign policy right now – especially when they don’t have to worry about losing American lives abroad.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. 

  • Mick McNulty

    Hopefully as the BRICS nation establish their own trans-national institutions one of them will be an International Criminal Court which decides the use of drones is a war crime. Who cares if it’s retroactive? So was Nuremberg.

    And while we’re at it the Yanks and Brits bitch and squeal about IEDs but at least an IED is laid by a fighter in the field using conventional ordnance. Conventional ordnance is made by a war profiteer thousands of miles away who never hears it kill. IEDs are more legitimate than conventional bombs because it’s soldiers actually in the war who make them.

    • Pravda01

      We use just hammers to crack Jewish criminal heads – uh turds or anusses.

  • Anon

    Kenya?! Isn’t that where Barry Soetero is from?

    • Pravda01

      Obama’s savage father had 3 women why he f*cked Obama’s Jewish mother in Kenya.

  • freemanontheland

    Cowards love drones.