Israel Abandons Gaza Peace Talks To Launch New Air Strikes

ISRAELI negotiators abandoned Gaza peace talks in Cairo just hours before the ceasefire deadline expired early today.

Their reasons became clear a few hours later when the Israelis hit the Gaza strip with missiles and artillery for the first time in three days, while Palestinian fighters launched a barrage of rockets at Israel.

Police also reported fire from Israeli tanks on northern Gaza and from gunboats at the central area of the strip.

After a huge explosion in Gaza City, apparently from an air strike, a military spokesman claimed that Israel had responded to Hamas rocket fire.

Although, Hamas denied that it had launched any rockets and the attacks were later claimed by several smaller groups.

The Israeli army said that more than 30 rockets had been fired into southern Israel after the truce ended.

Three of the rockets were intercepted by the iron dome missile defence system and two Israelis were wounded, the army said.

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