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Video Marketing Tips: How to Market Your Website Through Videos


Simply uploading your video on YouTube does not guarantee traffic to your website or sales page. If you are aiming to promote a product or a service through video marketing, there are a number of things you can do to ...

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What Richard Branson Can Teach You About Video Marketing

Sir Richard Branson started up a mail order shop at the age of 20. He went on to open a recording studio soon after. The rest is history and Branson is now estimated to be worth 3 billion pounds. He ...

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5 Reasons You Should Prominently Feature Video on Your Website


As websites increasingly become the way for potential customers to choose what business to deal with and as more companies, bloggers and individuals go online, it is important for business owners to create a website that stands out and attracts ...

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Will Youtube Live Change Online Marketing?

Youtube is currently testing a live video streaming service with the hope of expanding the platform and allowing general users to broadcast their own channels. YouTube is starting with live video channels from four of its partners: Howcast, Rocketboom, Next ...

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Discover Why Video Content Needs to be Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy and Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website

by E. Elizabeth Edwards Maybe you are reluctant to enter the video market because you don’t feel that particular online marketing strategy is appropriate for your website or your visitors. Nothing could be further from the truth. Videos were once ...

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Why a Video Sitemap MUST be part of your Video Marketing Strategy

Many internet marketers now realize that video marketing is one of the most lucrative internet marketing strategies. Once a video is created, optimized and distributed to the top video sharing sites it will continue to send FREE targeted traffic on ...

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Is Video Marketing The Key To Building A Recession-Proof Online Income?

The competition in the Internet Marketing niche is intensifying as more and more people are turning to the internet as their primary source of income. This is resulting in a hike in the premiums paid for pay per click campaigns ...

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