Video Marketing Tips: How to Market Your Website Through Videos

Simply uploading your video on YouTube does not guarantee traffic to your website or sales page. If you are aiming to promote a product or a service through video marketing, there are a number of things you can do to ensure traffic. Although article marketing, PPC, and SEO are good traffic sources, there is a good portion of traffic that comes from videos.

Making a Video With The Potential to Go Viral

First of all, people are most likely to view videos on YouTube that are funny, informative, interesting, captivating or a mixture of those things. In order to compel people to watch a video, you have to make sure that it captivates the audiences (a good background in market psychology is helpful in this regard). One thing you can do is to ask yourself “What would I look for in a video?” In addition, determine what types of videos other people share on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

If you cannot come up with a good video yourself, you can hire a video production company to come up with it. The video can be in the form of an advertisement or a product review. Product reviews are easy to do and anyone with a video camera can do it himself or herself. Simply come up with the script, rehearse what to say, and capture it on camera. Of course, a compelling video has to be interesting to watch. If the speaker is boring, no one would want to watch the video. Hence, if you know you are not a good speaker, ask someone else to do it.

Before you upload the video on websites like YouTube or Vimeo, you may want your website URL to appear on it as well. This way, you can encourage people to visit your site. Usually, people add their website information at the end of the video. However, some people prefer to show the website URL during the entire duration of the video. It can be placed at the bottom or at the top. It is your choice, as long as you can inform the viewer about your website.

Reach Your Audience Through Blogging

Uploading the video on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video website is not a guarantee of website traffic. Hence, you need to attract viewers. You can do this in many ways. One of popular ways of marketing videos is through blogging. If you own a WordPress or Blogger site, you can embed the video in one of your blog content. To have the video appear in one of your blogs, you need to embed the video code. In YouTube, click share, then embed. Copy the code and post it in your blog. Blogs that have video content usually look more interesting to readers than those without videos and images.

Go Viral Through Social Media

You can also use the power of the social networks to market your videos. Simply copy the video URL and share it on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. However, you should have a high number of friends, followers, or circles in order to reach a wider audience. If your social network accounts have few connections, do not expect your videos to go viral.

For video marketing to work through social networking, it is important to have a good number of friends and connections. Do not be afraid to add people to your circle of friends. You can find people interested in the product or service you are promoting by checking out related Facebook pages and Google+ business pages. When you share your video through, you may also want to ensure that people can find a link to your website.

Guest author Paul Tibayan writes on topics of custom marketng strategies through videos and content marketing.