Will Youtube Live Change Online Marketing?

Youtube is currently testing a live video streaming service with the hope of expanding the platform and allowing general users to broadcast their own channels.

YouTube is starting with live video channels from four of its partners: Howcast, Rocketboom, Next New Networks and Young Hollywood.

After successful live streaming experiments like the Indian Premier League matches, a U2 Concert and Presidential Speeches, the new platform – if give the green light for user generated public broadcasting, could create opportunities for webmasters and bloggers aiming to market their brands more effectively.

One option is that Google could introduce ad-based live streams where you need to watch 30 second ads or text ads in the live streams.

Of course the most obvious option will be for webmasters and bloggers to broadcast their own live shows, but the success of such a venture would most likely depend on viewership and might not be a plausible option for many small websites.
But with the technology readily available, it won’t cost too much for marketers to find out the viability of running a live channel, through the use of normal webcams or USB/FireWire cameras.

Youtube Live will also integrate with a new live comments module for real-time discussion with viewers.

“We think of live as the next chapter in online video. We needed to take our time on this.” says Joshua Siegel, a YouTube product manager.