5 Reasons You Should Prominently Feature Video on Your Website

As websites increasingly become the way for potential customers to choose what business to deal with and as more companies, bloggers and individuals go online, it is important for business owners to create a website that stands out and attracts those seeking the product or service they offer.

A boring website is just not going to cut it. One easy way to make your website more interesting is through the use of video. Below are five of the reasons you should prominently feature video on your website.

1. Capture People’s Attention.

Your website is to make your website more appealing. A video can be a fantastic way to draw the attention of visitors to your site or to present what would be several cluttered pages worth of information into a single video clip. People tend to enjoy watching more than reading text, but text is still important.

Videos can also be quite helpful when your product or service is not easily understood. A helpful, informative, or even humorous video can help increase conversion rates. They can also be a great tool to demonstrate how to use a product or service.

2. Promotional Purpose.

Video can also be an excellent way of drawing customers to your website. If you create a popular video or one that customers will find exceptionally helpful, they are likely to either return to watch it once again or pass it along to friends or family. That expands your existing network of clients and allows you to post updated information on your site that repeat visitors would be likely to notice.

Video can also be used to make you and your business look better. You can promote your work, your products or your upcoming features in a way that will entice people to read, buy or hire you. Video sites such as YouTube can be a powerful tool from which to market your business, in addition to your own website.

3. Informational Use.

Video on your own website can serve as your own personal news feed. Like a mini news network dedicated to only your blog, business or individual pursuits, you can notify people about your upcoming events, posts, sales or products.

Not every would-be customer may understand what a given product is or perhaps how your company handles a particular service. Video can demonstrate these for your clients and help them make a more informed decision before making a purchase or hiring you. This prevents surprises for you both.

4. Entertainment.

Some sites will use video as a means of providing entertainment to visitors. A funny video, a brief cartoon or a short documentary can bring customers in, and the more targeted these videos are to your business, the better. They can also be easily shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Google+.

If updated regularly, videos that have at some entertainment value can bring repeat and referred visitors to your site who are more likely to find or check for any updates you have added.

5. Face Time — Make that Personal Connection.

The corner store is not what it once was, especially on the Web, and because of that, there is little of that very important personal contact. While one website may seem no different than another to the average viewer, the people behind them could be what guarantees a sale, a deal or a devoted reader.

If you are the only one of your competitors talking to the camera and letting visitors get to know you, you increase the odds they will not only remember you but also feel encouraged to come back and want to see you again.

The team at Ascent Internet, a St. George, Utah Web design company that also provides Internet marketing services provided this post. You can learn more about their services at www.ascentinternet.com.