Wednesday, October 21, 2020

War / Terror News

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Busting the Anthrax Myth

Al-Qaeda expert re-killed by CIA

Afghan air war grows in intensity

Guantánamo children

It’s the Oil, stupid!

New Law is Urged on War Powers

Blackwater’s Private CIA

The ‘War Crimes File’

Blackwater back to Iraq

The Lucrative Art of War

The Pentagon vs. America

Cheney accused of war crimes

Abu Ghraib Film Obscures Truth

151 Congressmen Profit From War

The Iraq War as a War Crime

Reviving Vietnam War Tactics

Top Commander Resigns

Generals on trial for war crimes

UK in Israel WMD cover up

A genocide in numbers


France planned to give Saddam nukes

The Pentagon Plan to Drug Troops

US increases Iraq war funds

Light + Sound = New Weapon

Korean troops out of Afghanistan

US repatriates 15 from Guantanamo

Afghanistan: The Dollar Line

US, Israel collude against Iran

Confessions of a Covert Agent

Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

The Taliban rise again?

Bringing the War on Terrorism Home

Flight logs reveal secret rendition

VIDEO: Paul Bremer and 9/11

The True Cost of the Iraq War

Pentagon Cover Up

House deals blow to CIA rendition