Keating: US able to wage Iran war

Admiral Timothy J. Keating claims the US is more than prepared to wage war on Iran if Washington chooses to launch a military strike.

“I don’t think our capability has diminished at all,” Commander of US Pacific Command, Admiral Keating, told Reuters in Bahrain on Wednesday.

The admiral’s fire-back remarks were made in response to comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was also in Bahrain last week. Ahmadinejad had said that Washington’s ‘shabby’ army and its ‘rusty and disabled weapons’ pose no threat to the Islamic Republic.

Admiral Timothy, who claims that the US military’s capability remains undiminished even after four years of its siege on Iraq, maintains that because of the ‘continued presence’ of the US Army in the region, the Fifth Fleet and Central Command’s ability is ‘even better than before’.

The admiral, however, did not explain how military experience equates to overall readiness.

He also made no remarks about the low morale of US troops and how the US intends to launch another war in spite of the soaring suicide rate among American vets returning from the war-torn country.

The White House continues to threaten Iran over its nuclear energy program, saying Tehran pursues nuclear weapons.

This comes at a time that Iran says it seeks nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and the UN nuclear watchdog confirms Tehran’s peaceful nuclear intentions.

Iran has warned Washington and its allies of a ‘crushing response’ to any threats against the Iranian nation.