‘Basic rules ignored in war on terror’

The White House has overlooked the basic rule of ‘know your enemy’ in its anti-terrorist strategy in the ‘war on terror’, an analyst says.

“The attention of the US military and intelligence community is directed almost uniformly towards hunting down militant leaders or protecting US forces, [and] not towards understanding the enemy we now face,” AFP quoted Bruce Hoffman, a professor at Georgetown University as saying.

“Al-Qaeda’s ability to continue this struggle is based absolutely on its capacity to attract new recruits and replenish its resources,” Hoffman continued.

He noted that through ignorance of the enemy, the Bush administration faces ignorance of the nature of its policies against al-Qaeda, its goals, strengths and weaknesses.

“Without knowing our enemy, we cannot fulfill the most basic requirements of an effective counter-terrorist strategy: pre-empting and preventing terrorist operations and deterring their attacks,” he concluded.